Hello Voxie Fam!

We are pumped to announce we will be kicking off a new contest for our community — Voxie NFT owners and those new to Voxies starting June 18th 2021.


We want you to get your creative juices flowing and name 3 limited edition Legendary Weapons that will be in the game as NFTs. A winner will be chosen for each of the 3 item categories and will receive the first copy of the NFT item they just named, plus a Voxie:

Of the 3 item naming competitions, the fist one is open to everyone, the other 2…

Here is an outline of the upcoming new things that are planned for Voxies and the Voxie Tactics game.

Website v2.0

We are currently in the process of revamping the whole website and making https://voxies.io/ much more functional for users. The original goal of the website was to be a store front for selling the Voxies NFT and a way for people to easily adopt Voxies, however over time we had to expand and update the website to contain much more information about the future plans and the Voxie Tactics game. We tried to squeeze too much information onto the site and…

Since launching our Voxies NFT and releasing information on our upcoming RPG and tactical game, we have been asked a lot about our future plans and how players can utilize their Voxies and play in Voxie Tactics to earn rewards and currency. We briefly mentioned our VOXEL ($VOXEL) token but want to go into more details on that now for our eager followers and what that means for Voxie owners.

Voxie earn lots of rewards and are very keen on shiny things.

The VOXEL ($VOXEL) token will be used as the currency inside the Voxie Tactics game and will be utilized for all in-game functionality, such as purchasing new weapons, armor or…

Voxies are a brand new NFT on the Ethereum blockchain that offer a combined experience of fun, cute collectibles and also a fully functioning tactical gaming experience that users can play using their Voxies.

Voxies are procedurally generated (and random) Voxel Buddies that contain a large number of different attributes and traits that make each Voxie unique and fun to collect. For example cosmetic attributes like the Voxie costumes and hats, to more fundamental attributes such as the race (Human, Robot, Fox, etc) or what job class the Voxie has. Here are some example Voxies:

A typical Voxie with a variety of cosmetic attributes and emotes.

Voxies NFT

Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.

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