Voxies Update — A letter from Steve, part 2

I’m delighted to take this opportunity in part 2 of my letter to announce some exciting new launches that the team is working really hard on! We’ve got a new and exclusive Voxies Merch Shop and a brand new upcoming Dragonfest event along with important new class changes, and also an update on the Forge.

Let’s start with the new Voxies Merch Shop!

Voxies Merch Shop increasing VOXEL Token Utility

What’s up next you ask?

VOXEL Airdrop


Here is a rundown of everything you can expect:

  • Dragon Races and Classes

There will be a pivotal change to a very fearsome race in the Voxies universe — the Dragon Race! For too long Dragons have been classified as Monsters, and during Dragonfest this is being rectified. Dragons will be transforming into their newly evolved Drako class! This means they will no longer share a class with the Zombie and Skeleton races and will be getting a whole new bunch of gameplay enhancements, such as the Dragon racial abilities (Innate resistance to Fire Element), as well as all new Drako specific abilities.

Please Note: This class change will be applied both in game and on the NFT meta-data.

  • Bone Fragments and Bone Chests

During Dragonfest there will also be a brand new commodity that players can collect and will be a special currency that is utilized during the festivities. Bone Fragments will be collected by a number of in-game and out of game activities and can be used to trade for Bone Chests, which will contain unique and special Dragon themed items.

Some examples of ways that players can collect bone fragments are:

  • Competing in Voxie Tactics Battles
  • Playing the Bone Dragon Boss PVE battle
  • Utilizing the official Voxies Marketplace by buying and selling items with VOXEL tokens
  • Taking part in Dragonfest community events
  • Plus much more….

Once the Bone Fragments are joined together to create Bone Chests, players will find useful artifacts and treasures within that will be unique to the Dragonfest event. These might just come in handy to fight against fire and brimstone and also look out for any cute lil fiery pets that like to make an appearance during these Dragon celebrations.

  • Bone Dragon Boss PVE Experience (Community Quest)

We will be introducing a new single player experience to Voxie Tactics that will allow adventurers to take on the fearsome Bone Dragon! 3 Voxies enter the Bone Dragon Lair, how many will escape with their lives, and how many will be turned into voxel ash? This will be a single player PVE experience that also functions as a community event that ALL players need to collectively work towards to achieve the goal of taking down the Bone Dragon Boss.

During Dragonfest players will be able to test their might against the Bone Dragon Boss to compete for their place on special leaderboards and also collect Bone Fragments to use during the event. Once the Bone Dragon Boss has been vanquished this will unlock a special treat for the whole community and result in a collective celebration and reward.

  • Community and Events

Dragonfest will be a celebration of all things Dragon! Think art, competitions and memes! Get ready for some fiery fun, marshmallows not included so bring your own!

Undead Changes

Already the Undead races have different mechanics in the game from the other monsters, like Dragons, for example interacting differently with Poison and Holy elements, and also having different Undead racial abilities. The Undead will also have major synergy and combo potentials with certain other mechanics in the game, such as the Unholy Necromancer class. Things are certainly looking… lively… for the future of the Undead residents of Voxie Tactics!

Just like the Drako class, this change will be applied both in game and on the NFT meta-data.

Infusion (In the Arcanist’s Forge)

Infusion will allow players to fine tune their weapons and armor selections for battle and allow players to infuse an element to applicable items in the Arcanist’s Forge. This adds a powerful and exciting new dynamic to the Arcanist’s Forge and gives the players more control over their digital assets and their usage both inside and outside Voxie Tactics. Players will be able to collect crystals and elemental essences in preparation for this new Infusion feature and start planning in advance of this release.

Wrapping Up

Thank you as always for your support and excitement!

AlwaysGeeky Games



Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.

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Voxies NFT

Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.