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5 min readSep 9, 2022

Part 2: Items and Consumables

Voxie Tactics is an insanely addictive and deeply strategic turn-based tactics game that can be enhanced through playing with your owned Voxies from the NFT project. In the very first article of the Voxie Tactics Rewards and Earning Series, we explored the base earning rate in Voxie Tactics and how it can be impacted by the Voxies NFTs you bring into battle.

As a starting point, we looked at the probability chances of earning a specified reward in Voxie Tactics. We showed what winning players could get by illustrating percentage probabilities for each reward. Here’s the article in case you missed it.

Item Drop Rate

Next up, let’s dive into item drop rates. What’s the item drop rate you ask? Simply put, when you win a match of Voxie Tactics you will Roll once (#1) to see if you receive an item. If you receive an item, then you will Roll again (#2) to determine which Rarity item you will ultimately receive (See graphic below).

Note: The chance of receiving an item is increased by Voxie rarity (1st roll) but the rarity of the item you receive is not affected (2nd roll). As covered in the first article, parties with a Voxie NFT earn higher bonus percentages depending on rarity tier, but the item rarity drop rate percentage is the same regardless of the cumulative rarity of the team.

Virtual Versus NFT

One of the most unique things about Voxie Tactics is the ability to utilize a combination of virtual items and NFTs within the game. This offers players complete asset ownership and flexibility in their management of these assets. Here is the difference between those types of items:

Coming soon, players will be able to rent and trade NFTs!

Unidentified Items

When earning items, a small percentage of them will be unidentified. These items cannot yet be used in the game. Unidentified Rare, Epic and Legendary NFTs can be resold as unidentified items.

Unidentified items can be identified by leveraging the special ability of specific Voxie NFTs or by purchasing an identification service from the marketplace.

Fun Quiz: There are two types of Voxies NFTs that can already identify items using their special ability. Can you guess which ones? The answer is at the bottom of the article!

What Can I Do With My Items?

Onto the next bit of fun! Once a player has earned, purchased, or borrowed an item, what can they do with it? It all depends on the item, but a few options are:

  • Use the items during in-game battles as weapons and armor with unique characteristics, increase your RNG with special accessories or even as consumable potions. This becomes important as players will want to take advantage of specific vulnerabilities of their opponents.
  • Upgrade rewarded items and equipment to potentially receive a more rare item or enhanced stats in the future.
  • Ingredients for recipes! For example, the correct combination of specific items can be combined together in our new game feature being released to create certain new enhanced items or improve their rarity tier and stats.

What Are Consumables?

Consumables are in-game, one-time use items that can be used to assist players in battle. The effects of various consumable potions include replenishing HP; MP; removing negative status effects; reviving a fallen Voxie; or increasing strength, intelligence, movement speed, or dexterity stats, amongst other capabilities.

Each Voxie is allowed to use 1 consumable per game on their target of choice, so long as the item is in the player’s account prior to the start of battle. This means that up to 3 consumables can be used to heal/buff the same Voxie but a single Voxie cannot use multiple consumables.

Tip: Take down Voxies that have not used a consumable to limit the number of consumables your opponent can use.

Ready to see how you can save? Visit the Voxies Marketplace and see the exact discounts you’ll receive when you bundle consumables into quantities of 5 or 10. Get your wallet ready and check out the Voxie Marketplace.

What are special accessories?

Special accessories are items that are included with a select number of Voxies NFTs. Similarly to bringing Voxies NFTs into battle, having these items equipped to your Voxies during a battle will increase your chance of earning Voxie Tactics items and/or a bonus VOXEL reward after winning a battle.

Here is a list of special accessories that can be found on the original Voxies NFTs collection:

Just like bringing multiple Voxies NFTs into battle, the percentage increase is cumulative. This means that bringing multiple special accessories and/or Voxies NFTs into battle will further increase your chances of earning. You can read more on how to calculate the percentage increase and how this applies to the base earn rate in Part 1 of the Voxie Tactics Rewards series here.

In Conclusion…

In this article, we explained Items and Consumables. With this information, you will have a better understanding on item drop rates, the difference between virtual items and NFTs, as well as what players can do with unidentified items and consumables! In the next article, we will dive deeper into VOXEL Tokens, including rewards and in-game services.

Tune in next month for Part 3 of the series and to learn more about VOXEL Tokens!

Answer to question in the Unidentified Items section above:

What are the two types of Voxies NFTs that can identify items for free using their special ability?

  • Voxies with the Chemist class
  • Voxies with a Ghost pet



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