Welcome to the Voxiverse!

A typical Voxie with a variety of cosmetic attributes and emotes.
Super happy Robo Voxie.
A Knight Voxie that clearly is prepared for battle.

Voxie Tactical Gameplay

Your party roster in Voxie Tactics can be made up of the Voxies that you directly own as NFTs in your personal wallet.
In development tactical combat gameplay.
Various NPCs can be found to interact with for additional activities, like purchasing new equipment for your Voxies.


Rewards acquired after a battle is completed.
Players can also find rewards during battles and gameplay.



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Voxies NFT

Voxies NFT


Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.