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4 min readMay 12, 2021

Here is an outline of the upcoming new things that are planned for Voxies and the Voxie Tactics game.

Website v2.0

We are currently in the process of revamping the whole website and making https://voxies.io/ much more functional for users. The original goal of the website was to be a store front for selling the Voxies NFT and a way for people to easily adopt Voxies, however over time we had to expand and update the website to contain much more information about the future plans and the Voxie Tactics game. We tried to squeeze too much information onto the site and this has obviously had an impact on the core message of the site as well as stretch the current layout and style. Plus with the new functionality that we are working on now regarding the weekly VOXEL token allocations and additional game information, we have decided to do a full website revamp.

The new Voxies v2.0 website is currently in development and should be coming soon!

Information Reveal

Since releasing the Voxies NFT and having a successful launch, noticeably people are very interested in the many different facets of the NFT and how this will feed into the wider Voxie Tactics game experience, for example the Voxie stats and also how each class will be utilized in the game; as well as the obvious stuff like Voxie rarity information and different attributes. So because of this we will be releasing a whole host of new information regarding 3 key topics:

■ Voxies NFT
■ Voxie Tactics Game
■ The Voxiverse (Token economics, secondary markets, play-to-earn)

As a sneak peak, you can expect to see lots of information like this following mock-up:

The Knight class information page.

Further examples and WIP for some of this information can be seen here: https://voxies.io/classes/

This huge information reveal will be released over the coming 2 weeks and will be released in smaller individual chunks as the build up to the big website revamp.

Weekly Reveal events

As we mentioned a few times, we have now transitioned into weekly Voxie reveal events. This is an ongoing process and as new Voxies are purchased we will roll them into the very next reveal event. You can think of each weekly reveal as a mini event in its own right where new Voxie FAM members can see their newly purchased Voxies. With each new Voxie reveal event there are also new surprises being discovered each time (for example the hidden monocle and eye patch accessories that got discovered on the 2nd reveal event, or the new variations on ground tiles), this will continue and people can expect to find and discover new stuff all the way up to the next phases of the Voxies project and the release of Voxie Tactics — We always like to keep some stuff hidden and we love the way the community is self-discovering new and fun stuff everyday!

The current release schedule is weekly on Friday evenings EST timezone.

New improved shaders and graphical updates to Voxies NFT

We are constantly improving the graphical aspects of the Voxie Tactics game and also the Voxies NFT, so we roll back all improvements and graphical updates back into the Voxies NFT so that everyone gets the benefits of these graphical enhancements, without having to wait for the full game release. A good example of this is the improve water shader that will be seen in the ‘Bridge’ background on all Voxies that contain this background tile.

Improved Voxies shaders.

Developer AMA — Time and Schedule

We will be hosting weekly AMA sessions where everyone can have the chance to ask questions and we will provide in-depth answers to the and best rated community questions. We feel this will be good to do on a regular basis and the best way to get as much information out there as possible and also focus on what the community wants to know most. However not *everything* is decided yet so some questions might have an answer that is more forward thinking and what we hope to achieve, rather than a concrete plan at this stage.

We will be hosting the weekly AMA sessions on Wednesdays evenings (EST timezone)

Voxie Tactics Playable Demo

Now the part that everyone has been waiting for, The Voxie Tactics game! Work on Voxie Tactics continues full force and we are currently working towards a playable alpha version of the game that we want to release and get user feedback on. While it is still too early to provide a full feature set at this stage, and because there are so many different technical aspects to releasing a playable version, we are unable to confirm exactly how big the demo will be and exactly what NFT and blockchain integration features there will be. But we want to try and get this ready as soon as possible. We are currently targeting a potential 2 month time period to get something ready and playable for this stage.

Stay tuned for more information on the playable demo of Voxie Tactics.



Voxies NFT

Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.