Voxie Tactics Rewards & Earning Series

Item Drop Rate

Virtual Versus NFT

Coming soon, players will be able to rent and trade NFTs!

Unidentified Items

What Can I Do With My Items?

  • Use the items during in-game battles as weapons and armor with unique characteristics, increase your RNG with special accessories or even as consumable potions. This becomes important as players will want to take advantage of specific vulnerabilities of their opponents.
  • Upgrade rewarded items and equipment to potentially receive a more rare item or enhanced stats in the future.
  • Ingredients for recipes! For example, the correct combination of specific items can be combined together in our new game feature being released to create certain new enhanced items or improve their rarity tier and stats.

What Are Consumables?

What are special accessories?

In Conclusion…

Answer to question in the Unidentified Items section above:

  • Voxies with the Chemist class
  • Voxies with a Ghost pet



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Voxies NFT

Voxies NFT


Voxies are the cutest voxel buddies on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to play inside the upcoming tactical RPG — Voxie Tactics. Collect, Battle and EARN.