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6 min readSep 21, 2022

Voxie Tactics Unleashes Item Upgrade Capability with the Arcanist’s Forge

Next up in our Voxie Tactics article series, let’s explore The Arcanist’s Forge, a new function that allows players to upgrade items within the Voxies Marketplace.

Anyone who has played Voxie Tactics for a while, has likely accumulated a lot of really cool items. The good news is that players can now bring them to the Marketplace and upgrade them in The Arcanist’s Forge.

How does it work?

The process is very simple, players will be able to select up to 10 NFTs and pay the Arcanist to Forge a new item. Within the Marketplace, the player will be prompted to select between two types of actions:

Recipes: A specific action

When choosing the Recipe option, there is a strict criteria for the type of items that must be used to create new items in the Arcanist’s Forge. The Recipe will burn the NFT items submitted and turn them into a new item.

This new item will be dictated by the criteria of the Recipe. For example: Burn 10 epic NFT items to create a Random legendary item.

Random: An algorithm-based action

This action allows the player to select up to 10 items to be submitted to the Arcanist. The submitted NFT items will be burned and turned into a new item. The new item created will be luck-based, with the final result based on which items were initially submitted. For example: In the screenshot below, you will see that selecting 10 rare items will give you the following chances:

Discovering New Recipes

Coming in the near future the Random option will allow players to discover new Recipes. If the items being submitted to the Arcanist matches a Recipe that is not known by the player, it will reveal the new Recipe and produce its corresponding item. If a Recipe is known by the player, the game will notify them that a Recipe exists but still allow them to opt to proceed with creating an algorithm-based Random item.

Which items can I submit?

As a general rule, all Voxie Tactics NFT items can be submitted to The Arcanist’s Forge. That said, there are a few exceptions, here is the list of items that cannot be submitted:

  • Voxies NFTs
  • Items included with Voxies NFTs
  • Pets (ie Giraffe)
  • Godly items (except Blueprints*)
  • Quest rewards (ie Lion Heart’s pendant)
  • Virtual items (ie Consumables, Weapons, etc)

* See “What are Godly Blueprints?” section below for more information

What can I Forge?

The items included in both the Recipe or the Random options will come from a wide variety of categories. This will include weapons, armors, consumables as well as new categories exclusive to the Forge: Crystals, Godly blueprints and Movement boots.

The item that will be Forged will depend on a few different factors including the action (Recipe or Random), rarity of the items and type of items. To keep things simple, we are not going into the specifics of the chances (%) in this article. The good news is, we’ve designed the Forge to allow players to explore different combinations and see the potential outcome based on their selection. This means that before items are submitted to the Arcanist, the chances (%) will be displayed and they will dynamically update as players change their selection to be Forged.

What are Crystals?

New NFT items will be introduced called Crystals, in 3 different rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Crystals can exclusively be used in the Forge in place of an NFT of a certain rarity unless the Recipe calls for a specific item. This means that an Epic crystal can replace an epic item in the Forge but would not replace an Epic Sword when specified.

What are Godly Blueprints?

The Godly Blueprint is an unrevealed* NFT that will be used to create a Godly Item once revealed. When the Godly Blueprint is revealed, players will be able to pay the Arcanist to Forge a Godly item using a legendary item of the same type and the Godly Blueprint (see graphic below). There are a very limited number of Godly Blueprints that will be available and each will yield a unique Godly Item.

Both actions, Random or Recipe, will have a chance to produce a Godly Blueprint. The chances to produce a Godly blueprint will be influenced by the rarity of the items used. The rarer the items, the higher the chance of receiving a Godly Blueprint!

What’s the difference between unrevealed and unidentified NFTs?

Unrevealed NFTs do not require any action from the player in order to reveal them. These Unrevealed NFTs will always be tied to a special event that will be held a few times every year. Stay tuned as you won’t have to wait too long because the first reveal will be hosted during the holiday season!

These are not to be confused with Unidentified NFTs that require players to take action in order to identify/reveal them. You can check out Article 2 of our Earnings and Rewards Series here to learn more about Unidentified NFTs. Please note the Forge will not yield Unidentified NFTs and therefore, unidentified NFTs will never be Godly Blueprint, Movement boots or Crystals.

What happens after my selection?

When the player is ready to proceed, they can click on the Forge button in the top menu bar to start the forging process. This will open a confirmation window that allows the player to review the final details before proceeding.

Once the player confirms their selection and signs the transaction, the VOXEL and NFTs will be submitted to the Forge and a newly Forged NFTs will be minted to the players wallet*. When the transaction is confirmed, players will also be able to view the item by clicking on the New Item button in the top menu bar.

* The delay for the newly Forged items to mint will vary based on network congestion. Typically, the items should appear in the players wallet within 30–120 seconds

The Arcanist’s Forge is the latest way Voxie Tactics players can get more value and utility out of their items to gain a competitive advantage in the Extreme Arena!

We can’t wait to see all of the items that you will Forge! Get your wallet ready because the Arcanist will be waiting in the Voxie Marketplace soon.

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