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3 min readApr 30, 2021

Since launching our Voxies NFT and releasing information on our upcoming RPG and tactical game, we have been asked a lot about our future plans and how players can utilize their Voxies and play in Voxie Tactics to earn rewards and currency. We briefly mentioned our VOXEL ($VOXEL) token but want to go into more details on that now for our eager followers and what that means for Voxie owners.

Voxie earn lots of rewards and are very keen on shiny things.

The VOXEL ($VOXEL) token will be used as the currency inside the Voxie Tactics game and will be utilized for all in-game functionality, such as purchasing new weapons, armor or items to use in the game. Also the VOXEL token will be available on the secondary market and can be freely traded by players outside of the game. This means that you can earn VOXEL tokens in the game and then sell them on the secondary market, just like the Voxies NFT and the NFT items that are used in the game.

Shopping for items inside Voxie Tactics.

Inside the game the VOXEL tokens can also be earned by playing the game and doing certain tasks — for example after each battle you will be rewarded with VOXEL tokens (and potentially rarer NFT item rewards!) depending on the success of the battle. Exploration mode will also present ways to ‘find’ and collect VOXEL token, helping out NPCs in the world and completing quests for them is another way to potentially earn rewards and VOXEL tokens.

VOXEL Token Allocations

VOXEL tokens will be allocated to owners of Voxies up until the release of the game. This gives owners a reason to hold onto Voxies prior to the release of the game and an additional reward for early adopters, as well as the added benefit of enjoying their favourite Voxie characters.

We will be holding weekly allocations for Voxie owners VOXEL tokens before the game is released and this will be based on wallet ownership. For example each week we plan to give out 250,000 VOXEL (actual final amount TBD) tokens distributed to all owners of Voxies. This allocation will be based on ownership and split amongst the current owners at the time of the allocation (Weekly allocation on Fridays). This means that if a player owns more Voxies, they will receive more VOXEL tokens prior to release of the game.

Voxie Tactics Game Update

While we are busy working on the launch of the Voxies NFT, we have still managed to sneak in some additional gamedev on Voxie Tactics, and released some additional gameplay footage for our community members. This is an extension of the small gameplay video clips that we have been teasing recently, but this one gives a bit more of a thorough playthrough for a brief battle scene. This footage shows more of the improved graphics and gameplay we have introduced into the battle scenes and shows a complete battle from start to finish.

Voxie Tactics extended battle gameplay showing a brief battle from start to finish.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on Voxies and Voxie Tactics!



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